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The Community of Restaurants Come Together

The Community of Restaurants Come Together

Lure Bistro Gift Cards Will Be Honored at Other Locations

Not everyone knows about Downtown Willoughby but they surely should. The community has always been a special place for families, people, friends and loved ones. It has that small town feel with some extra special magic.

Within hours of the announcement of Lure Bistro closing, chat rooms, forums, social media and more were filling with comments, sadness of the closing, reminders of happy memories but also concerns about what the future brings.

One of the highlighted items brought up by many was what were people going to do with the gift cards that they recently bought from Lure Bistro that they can not use any longer. Lure Bistro ran their annual gift card specials enticing guests to buy extra gift cards for the holidays where they got deals for spending more money. When the doors closed, many were left with a feeling of disappointment.

But right when those guests that all was lost, a group of restaurants/bars in the DTW area put a plan together. These locations knew what the right thing was to do and it was all about keeping the community together and giving back.

Here is the message from a great group of business owners.

We are saddened by the recent closing of one of our community’s restaurants, Downtown Willoughby restaurants have joined together to help with the unfortunate gift card situation that exists. If you are in possession of a gift card purchased from Lure Bistro in 2019, you can redeem your gift card for 25% off your total bill at the following locations:

Hook & Hoof
The Morehouse Willoughby
Nickleby’s Roundbar

Offer valid January-April 2020.

Thank you to all of these locations for stepping up and giving back to the community.

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